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Ambassadors 4 // From Amen to Z

Ambassadors 4 // From Amen to Z (Released: 2009-05-22)

Concept & Shnek - Burning Up Inside Buy MP3 €1,25
Camo feat. Jett - No Need To Rush Buy MP3 €1,25
Young Ax - System Of Survival Buy MP3 €1,25
Smote & Stunna feat. Submorphics - Sweet Passion Buy MP3 €1,25
Concept & Shnek - Cityheat Buy MP3 €1,25
Simon V - Cloudspotter Buy MP3 €1,25
Peyo & Grimm - One For Me Buy MP3 €1,25
Tyler Straub - Impatient Buy MP3 €1,25
Hiten - The Grid Buy MP3 €1,25
The Green Man feat. MC LowQui - Do It Irie Buy MP3 €1,25
Cold Jazz & Wezzler feat. Joey Fever - Little Seed Buy MP3 €1,25
J-Cut & Kolt Siewerts - The Flute Tune (Radio Edit) Buy MP3 €1,25
Kenshiro - Stir (Telmo A Remix) Buy MP3 €1,25
Kaleb - Serene Buy MP3 €1,25
Parhelia - Birds Are Coming Home Buy MP3 €1,25
Denius - Not Belong Here (Telmo A Remix) Buy MP3 €1,25
Bassface Sascha - Livin Music Buy MP3 €1,25
Paul SG - Red Line Buy MP3 €1,25
Telmo A - Still Buy MP3 €1,25
Dub Tao - Sideways Buy MP3 €1,25
Simon V - Hymnus II Buy MP3 €1,25
Buzz - Subsonic Buy MP3 €1,25
NSF - Destroy2k & Sativa - Nautilus Buy MP3 €1,25
Simon V & Telmo A - The Rhythm Track Buy MP3 €1,25
Dan HabarNam - Zoom Back Camera Buy MP3 €1,25
sH1 - Bangalore Buy MP3 €1,25
Naibu - Yunmee Buy MP3 €1,25

Buy CD €12,50

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2CD // CD1 incl. 14 full single tracks + CD2 incl. 13 full single tracks // 4-pages Digipak cover

AMBASSADORS 4 - From Amen to Z

The storm is here: The towering thunderheads and piercing sunshine of AMBASSADORS 4 - From Amen to Z. This fourth installment in the AMBASSADORS compilation series unites a multiplicity of Drum'n'Bass styles - high-pressure pop, clouds of old-school jungle, dark cyclones of bass, macro-experiments in climate manipulation. What the tracks have in common is SANTORIN's exacting musicality: Breeze or tornado, it's all been past a tuner. No need to listen for melodies. The melodies will find you and, with a little luck, hack your brain stem.

It's time to strike the sails, drift out to the horse latitudes, foul our anchors in thick mats of bass, let the glittering sunshine burn through to our pineal glands and watch the flying fish!